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What is key control?

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Key control is an organized and formal security system which addresses control of master keys within a building or facility. Key control prevents unauthorized access using documentation management and status reporting of critical elements in the master key system.

The critical elements of facilities security are:

Important key control questions you should know the answers to:

How can I cut keys for my DEGREE key system?

The following manufacturers offer key cutters that are capable of cutting all levels of DEGREE keys. Please contact these manufacturers directly for pricing and availability:

Common problems in controlling the key system

Can you answer these questions about your system?

Do you know all the buildings/locations at your facility?

Can you identity the door openings and door hardware used in these buildings?

Can you identify all the key holders?

Can you account for all the keys in the key system(s):

Common problems with a building’s mechanical master key system:

The following is a list of weaknesses that undermine your mechanical master keying system(s) — the system protecting your facility.

Keying system(s) risks:

Your facility is at risk if you have...

Key system management and control risks:

Your facility is at risk if you have...

Record keeping and policy risks:

Your facility is at risk if you have...

Developing a key control plan

Security starts with a key control plan. Use the outline below to develop and implement your key control system.

Developing a plan: Gain Support and Approval

Select a key control method: Computer Control vs. Managed Control

Computer Key Control:

Managed key control systems:


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