SARGuide™ PL - The Simple Answer to Provide a Safe & Visible Escape Route

SARGENT®’s self illuminated PL exit device never needs electricity. Ambient light is the only required power source. The SARGuide PL exit device, with a photoluminescent coated push rail provides visible Exit signage in dark and low lit areas.

In a smoke-filled area, visibility diminishes near the ceiling first where EXIT signs are located. The SARGuide PL clearly identifies emergency exits - at a lower level - where they are more likely to be seen.

SarGuide Exit Closup

Exposure to ambient light charges SARGuide PL, which provides a visible glow in low light situations. There are no batteries,bulbs or electrical components to maintain. The photoluminescent coating is very durable and resistant to abuse and wear; materials are extremely stable and show virtually no decay over a 15-year period.

SARGuide PL employs Lunaplast™ created by Luna™ Technologies. Made from strontium aluminate - similar to, but far superior to, zinc sulfide, traditional "glow in the dark" photoluminescent material.

Specify SARGuide PL exit devices to ensure the highest level of safety and security.

SARGuide PL Benefits

  • Ideal for stairwells, corridors and exit access doors
  • Approved for use in New York City in accordance with RS -1 and RS 6-1A**
  • No wiring or maintenance
  • Recharges from ambient light in 30 minutes
  • Simple, economical installation
  • Non-toxic; will not rub off or fade
  • Cost-effective
  • Fire-resistant

** Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) # 333-05-M for 80 Series Exit Devices. Brightness Rating: 63-21-14

Ideally suited for

  • Stairwells
  • Corridors
  • Exit Access Doors

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