SARGENT® Solutions

Studio Collection

The Studio Collection from SARGENT features superbly styled doors levers available in a broad array of designs and finishes. This collection enables inspired design professionals to incorporate their aesthetic vision into any opening, allowing a consistent appearance regardless of the door's function.

Studio Collection levers are compatible with SARGENT commercial-grade mortise and tubular locks, electro-mechanical and access control locks, exit devices and master key systems in a variety of applications.

K-12 Security Solutions

School administrators and facility managers have a new primary responsibility: making sure their learning environment is safe and secure. One common concern is the need to keep unauthorized individuals out without inhibiting the daily freedom of movement of students and staff.

Exit Devices

As a facility manager, building owner, or architect you know exit devices are an integral part of the security and safety of your building. But do you know the ins and outs of the applicable codes and standards, and which doors require devices for egress? Let us help.



The SARGuide™ exit device contains an illuminated touchpad to enhance the visibility of exit locations in dark or smoke-filled passages.


Windstorm Products

SARGENTproducts are tested to meet Dade County Protocols and other local code requirements for high wind load and missile impact.


Turboship is a way to expedite your hardware order and helps you guarantee that a product will be on the jobsite when it needs to be. We have over 11,000 products that we can ship in one week.



MicroShield is a revolutionary new hardware finish coating which permanently suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew.

Behavioral Health

In environments like behavioral health clinics, crisis intervention facilities and detention centers, safety is a must.


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