• Degree of opening is fully adjustable and can be adapted to changing needs
  • All units are shipped as stops and are converted to hold open or friction in the field using adapter kit 22-2050 (included)
  • Concealed application for interior single acting doors
  • Installed in a single position regardless of desired door opening.  The stop or hold position is then adjusted to suit field conditions
  • SARGENT 1701 Series stops are 10C classified by Underwriter Laboratories as Miscellaneous Fire Door Accessories
              Note: Door Stops are not fire rated.  The door and frame carry the fire rating

  • 1701 Series can be mounted on flush door and frame assemblies through the use of the non handed angle jamb bracket adapter 22-2071
  • Doors - Interior doors from 24" to 60" wide and for doors 1 3/4" to 2" thick
  • Fasteners - wood screws, machine screws, through-bolts. Mortise nuts supplied as standard for 1 3/4" - 2" thick doors
  • Options - Torx screws must be ordered separately using 22-2066 x finish. Replacement screw packs should be ordered as 22-2056 x finish

Ideally suited for

  • Interior
  • Light Traffic Doors


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