SARGENT Removable Core Cylinders and Master Key Systems are available for a quick change of cylinders for increased security. It is not necessary to remove the lock from a door to rekey the opening
  • Special "control" key is used to release a locking cam allowing immediate removal of the core
  • Available for use in many SARGENT products (exit devices, mortise locks, bored locks and padlocks)
  • Can be master or gandmaster keyed
  • 6 pin standard
  • 1 bitted available for field keying
  • 1 bitted cylinders supplied with 2 key blanks, pins and springs in chambers in 3 and 4 only
  • Wide variety of master key systems available
  • Permanent (keyed removable) cores supplied with hardware unless otherwise specified
  • Available in the following SARGENT keyway families: A, B, C, G, H, K, L, N, R and V
  • Also available in the following single key sections: CR and S
  • Finishes: 4, 15
  • When ordering, use Cat #6300; include finish and give all keying information
  • Request Control Key (6272), if required
  • 1 bitted cylinders only pinned with pins and springs int he 3rd and 4th chambers. Two key blanks provided

65-6300 Unassembled Core Only

  • Unassembled core for field rekeying. Includes Control Sleeve and two key blanks
  • Springs and pins to be ordered separately (see Pages 14 & 15)
  • Finishes: 4, 15
  • 2 key blanks provided

63-34 Rim Cylinder

  • Housing: Solid brass
  • Cap: Brass, bronze or stainless steel
  • Furnished standard with No. 97 rosette and compression ring
  • Includes the same tailpiece and screw hole pattern as the #34 cylinder
  • Finishes: 3, 4, 10, 10BL, 20D, 26, 26D, 32, 32D

63-40 Series and 50-6343 (Hotel Function) Mortise Cylinders

  • Cylinder: Solid brass 1-5/32"
  • Cap: Brass, bronze or stainless steel
  • Available in the following lengths: 63-42: 1-1/4" (32mm); 63-43: 1-3/8" (35mm); 63-44 (1-1/2" (38mm); 63-46 (1-3/4" (44mm)
  • Furnished standard with No. 97 rosette and compression ring
  • Cam 13-1320 is permanently staked for 50-6343
  • Other SARGENT keyways available
  • Finishes: 3, 4, 9, 10, 10B, 10BL, 15, 20D, 26, 26D, 32, 32D 
  • 60-42 same as above, but supplied with plastic disposable plastic core 

436-1 Slide Block Kit

  • Includes fixture and staking tool for use only with the (10)-6300 Series Cyliners manufactured after March 2006 for the ease of loading in the field
  • The kit includes 100 each slides (p/n 13-1341), Staking Block (14-2052) and staking tool (14-0507)

Ideally suited for

  • Dormitory Rooms
  • Apartments
  • Tenant Spaces
  • Perimeter Doors on Exit Devices


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