SimpleK Key Management Software

Whether you are working with a new or existing master key system, what is the plan for managing it? That’s where SimpleK comes into play.

SimpleK is a complete, flexible and intuitive software for master key systems and facility management. Institutional locksmiths, security personnel, and facility managers use this paperless, scalable tool to manage keys and keying systems of all sizes.

Providing total key control by showing outstanding keys, overdue keys, keyways, and more, SimpleK allows you to import maps and floor plans so you can see associated keys, hardware, core pinning, and who has access to each individual door.

 The software also offers solutions for:

  • Master key system design and management
  • Key, key ring, and item issuance
  • Cylinders and core pinning
  • Buildings, doors, and dynamic floor plans


Whether it’s a brand new or existing key system, SimpleK’s software streamlines and simplifies the complexities of facility management.


SimpleK also offers many advanced master keying functionalities to help manage:

  • Master key systems - Many Levels, compatible with multiple manufacturers, different methods and options.
  • System Expansion
  • Calculate Core Pinning Stack - According to the system type & structure, core type, associated keys, etc.
  • Plan, perform, and register rekeying


SimpleK is an entirely paperless process!

  • (Key Requests, Key Issuances & Returns, Deposits & Refund, etc.)
  • SimpleK is compatible with electronic signature capture devices, allowing electronic handwritten signatures to be bound directly to digital documents. 
  • Fully personalized forms
  • Auto generated PDF documents 

To request a free trial of the software, contact our sister company SimpleK.