Key Wizard® Key Management Software

Keeping track of the key holders in a master key system is critical for maintaining key control and ensuring the security and integrity of the system. Key Wizard® was designed to provide a user-friendly tool for facility end users to track detailed information concerning their keying system. Key Wizard provides facilities with accurate information concerning keys, key holders, hardware locations, master key systems, overdue keys and maintenance service schedules, all of which can be customized.


  • Free technical support & free upgrades for one year
  • Clear, easy-to-read screens
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Manages multiple end-users and multiple key systems for most manufacturers
  • Customized query, reporting, and search capability
  • Global key search across multiple MK systems
  • Comprehensive hardware listings for door locations
  • Displays keyholder photos and signatures for identity verification
  • Automatic reminders for maintenance, back-ups, and overdue keys
  • Accurate key symbol sorting
  • Key authorization tracking
  • Customized key receipts and authorization forms
  • Tracking of loaned keys and key deposits
  • Storage of maintenance service history records
  • Importing and exporting of key systems
  • Importing of keyholder & location information
  • Download of key bittings to ITL9700 code machine
  • Pinning Calculators
  • Audit trail tracks changes made to keyholders
  • Printing of door number labels to ensure proper cylinder installation
  • Network and stand-alone versions available  

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For KeyWizard technical support, please contact Medeco, our sister company, at 1-800-610-1706.

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