Exit Devices FAQs

Exit Devices

Can I switch my classroom trim function to a storeroom trim function?
Yes, we offer locking slide kits (Part # 97-0355 or 97-0356) which allow you to change from a classroom (13 or 43) to a storeroom (06 or 46) and vice versa. Classroom (13) Function - 607-1 Storeroom (06) Function - 607-2 Classroom Freewheeling (43) - 607-3 Storeroom Freewheeling (46) - 607-4
Am I able to add electric latch retraction (56-) to my existing 80 Series exit device?

Yes, you can add electric latch retraction (56-) option if your device was manufactured after 1995 and do not include the following functions:

  • Delay Egress (59-)
  • 855 Kit
  • FEMA ratings

If your device was manufacture between 1995-2006 use the R56A retrofit kit and M56A kit for devices manufactured after 2007.

Please visit our 80 series catalog under the Electric Latch Retraction Motor kit and Push Rail Kits (page 57)

Is the 80 Series, 8810 function, able to accept a trim after installed?

Yes, the 80 Series, 8810 function, comes prepped with the cylinder and spindle hubs to accept trim later if desired.

If I have a 2-1/4” thick door, but ordered my trim for standard 1-3/4”, do I need to purchase an entire new trim?

No, a new trim is not needed. We offer a variety of spindle kits for each device that can accommodate 1-3/4”, 2”, or 2-1/4” thick doors. Please visit page 74 in our 80 Series catalogs for details on these spindle kits.

My door has an inside panel (cladding), when I order a concealed vertical rod exit device do I need to add panel dimensions to door thickness?

Our 80 Series exit device can only accommodate cladding for doors with 1-3/4” thickness, and panels of ¼” or ½”.  Specify 31- AND panel thickness on the order.  Do not combine dimensions.