351 Series Powerglide® Door Closer

Featuring heavy-duty construction for superior strength and wear resistance, the 351 Series Powerglide® Door Closer is ideally suited for highly trafficked environments like schools, healthcare facilities, and office and commercial buildings. With a full complement of arm types and front-facing valves, the 351 series can be easily installed and maintained—for interior and exterior applications.


  • Operates effectively in extreme heat and cold without readjustment
  • Meets ADA requirements in all applications except push-side track applications
  • Versatile mounting permits standard, top jamb, parallel and track installations

Standard Application



UO Package


H8 - Mortise Foot Hold Open Arm


O - Standard Arm



O8 - Mortise Foot Arm


OLC - Standard Arm for Low Ceiling


UH Package


UO Package


Narrow Reveal


H- Hold Open Arm


O - Standard Arm - NR


Deep Reveal Arms


HZ -  HZ Holder Arm (for Deep Reveal)


OZ -  Standard Arm for Deep Reveals


Extra Deep Reveal Arms


HZA -  Hold Open Arm for Extra Deep Reveal


OZA - Standard Arm for Extra Deep Reveal


Heavy Duty Parallel Arm


CPS - Heavy Duty Parallel Arm with Compression Stop


CPSH - Heavy Duty Hold Open Arm with Compression Stop


P10 - Heavy Duty Parallel Arm


PH10 - Heavy Duty Friction Hold Open Parallel Arm


PS - Heavy Duty Parallel Arm with Positive Stop


PSH - Heavy Duty with Hold Open Arm with Parallel Stop


SP10 - Heavy Duty Security Arm


Hold Open Arms


P4H - Flush Frame, Friction Hold Open Arm


PH9 - Friction Hold Open Arm


Offset Bracket Arms


P3 - 1" Offset Bracket for use with Auxiliary Holder/Stop


P3A - 1-3/4" Offset Bracket for use with Auxiliary Holder/Stop


P4 - Parallel Flush Frame Arm


P4A - Flush Frame Arm for use with Auxiliary Holder/Stop


Regular Duty Parallel Arms


P9 - Standard Parallel Arm



Finish   Description BHMA
03 finishes-03 Bright Brass, Clear Coated  605
04 finishes-04 Satin Brass, Clear Coated  606
09 finishes-09 Bright Bronze, Clear Coated  611
10 finishes-10 Satin Bronze, Clear Coated 612
10B finishes-10b Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed 613
10BE finishes-10be Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Equivalent (613E)
10BL finishes-10bl Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze Clear Coated  
14 finishes-14 Bright Nickel Plated 618
15 finishes-15 Satin Nickel Plated Clear Coated 619
20D finishes-20d
Dark Statuary Bronze Lacquered  
26 finishes-26 Bright Chrome Plated 625
26D finishes-26d Satin Chrome Plated 626
BSP finishes-bsp Black Suede Powder Coat  
WSP White Suede Powder Coat  
EAB finishes-eab
Sprayed Brass Enamel 696
EB finishes-eb
Sprayed Bronze Enamel to match 10B 690
ED finishes-ed
Sprayed Bronze Enamel to match 20D 693
EN  finishes-en Sprayed Aluminum Enamel 689
EP finishes-ep
Sprayed Bronze Enamel to match 10 691

  • 13 - Door Closer Body Only
  • 31 - Special Thickness Doors (specify door thickness)
  • 36 - 6 lobe security head screws
  • 74 - Lead Lining or Wrapping
  • CPC - Clear Powder Coat (Available for 26, 26D, 32 & 32D Finishes)
  • DA - Delayed Action
  • MC - Handed Metal Cover
  • SG - MicroShield™ antimicrobial clear powder coat (on metal components only)
  • SRI - Special Rust Inhibitor Process
  • TB - Through bolt (1-3/4" std). For others, specify TB- and door thickness.

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