Degree CLIQ

SARGENT Degree® CLIQ® Intelligent Key System

SARGENT Degree® CLIQ® brings the features of electronic access control into our patented Degree key system. Installed just like a mechanical cylinder with no wiring, no change in door prep or appearance of a mechanical opening, Degree CLIQ offers end users an audit trail, user access schedules and the ability to quickly and remotely change intelligent key authorizations with the Degree CLIQ Web Manager and Remote.

Degree CLIQ cylinders can be added to existing Degree key systems for a higher level of control, and the added benefit of an electronic master key for added security, flexibility and low cost rekeying.



  • Flexibility: Make remote changes to key system without the need to change or re-pin cylinders. Add/remove keys, modify key access, and create/adjust key scheduling electronically with CLIQ Web Manager.
  • Accountability: Capture audit information in both the lock and key, including authorized accesses and unauthorized attempts
  • Added Security: Respond quickly to security threats, lost or stolen keys, or personnel changes utilizing access rights removal, expiration, and revalidation via remote programming
  • Cost Effective: Eliminate the expense of physically rekeying locks and replacing keys. All rekeying is done electronically through the programming of the keys

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