AL - Alarmed Exit

SARGENT’s AL-80 Series Exit Devices are designed for areas requiring a stand-alone alarm on outward swinging doors. This device has an integrated alarm in the push rail to discourage the unauthorized use of emergency exit doors. The alarm inside the rail sounds immediately upon exit. The AL-80 Series is ideal for rear exterior doors, doors leading to a rooftop, or anywhere security is a concern.


  • Microprocessor based alarm board
  • When armed, alarm sounds immediately upon rail depression
  • Free entry allowed based on outside trim being used
  • All exit devices have tamper resistant latching (Guarded Latch)
  • Battery powered – 9VDC
  • Dogging standard on non fire-rated
  • 546 wiring harness option provides remote alarm reset, external inhibit, remote power and remote monitor
  • 103 Db @ 8 Ft pulsating horn
  • Flashing red LED provides visible violation indication, reset by key only
  • Low battery alert
  • Field selectable continuous alarm option- 3267 Power Supply and 546 Harness recommended
  • Automatic re-arming option (field changeable). Switch returns to “on” position after removal of key
  • UL Listed
  • UL Listed to Canadian Safety Standards
  • Optional AL93- Prefix - Continuous alarm when violated
  • Available with all 80 & P8 Devices, except LP, LR, LS8600, FM8700, WS & HC8800 Devices
  • Door Widths: Wide Stile 36" to 48" & Narrow Stile 32" to 48"
  • Compatible with 12-, 53-, 58- & TL- Prefixes
  • Rail Monitoring & Guarded Latch are standard internal features
  • Order as an AL- prefix (e.g., AL-8916 x ETJ x 32D x 36" Door)