59 - Electroguard Delayed Egress

The Electroguard is designed for any 80 Series Exit Device which requires delay on egress. When armed using the cylinder in the rail and the push rail is depressed for more than 1 second, a warning horn sounds and the opening remains locked for an additional fifteen seconds. This time delay allows for an appropriate response to the pending violation. At the end of the fifteen second period, the rail is released and functions as a standard exit device, allowing for free egress.


  • Available for most 80 Series rim, surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod and mortise exit devices; standard and narrow designs 
  • Self contained delayed egress system within the rail assembly, external magnetic lock outputs available for extra high security
  • Latchbolt monitoring for rim and mortise type devices; rod monitoring for vertical rod devices.
  • Standard size 41mortise cylinder in the rail assembly providesmomentary ormaintained egress with key
  • Depressing the push rail for two seconds or longer initiates an irreversible alarm until the alarm is disarmed with a key in the rail assembly.
  • Field adjustable nuisance delay can be either 0 (immediate alarm) or 1 seconds (slight delay before alarm).
  • 80db horn enclosed in rail assembly.
  • Provides standard fifteen second delay on egress.
  • Operating voltage: .5 amp maximum @ 24VDC Regulated/Filtered.
  • When Electroguard is installed with building’s fire alarm system, a relay in the delayed action circuit voids the delay, allowing immediate egress.
  • Red and green LEDs indicate status.
  • Power supplied through continuous circuit hinge (4 wire min to 12 wire max).
  • Conforms to NFPA Special Locking Arrangements.
  • Available for panic and fire rated (12-) devices.
  • BC Prefix - complies with BOCA code relating to delayed egress. BC Prefix requires door status switch ordered separately.