58 - Electric Dogging

The 58-80 Series electric dogging exit device is energized when the push rail is depressed. It will continously hold the push rail down and the latch(es) will extend. This feature is ideal for areas that require the silent operation of exit device hardware. Ordered as 58 Prefix.


  • Provides quiet ingress and degress when dogged
  • Standard electric hinge - no special power transfer required
  • Manual hex key dogging provided on non-fire rated devices
  • UL Listed for Panic and Fire (12-)
  • Holding force 70 lbs. min.
  • Power Requirements: 24VDC regulated/filtered power supply (3500 Series)
  • Current draw: .2 amp
  • Available for all 80 Series Devices, except FM8700 Devices
  • Available for all door widths
  • Order as a 58-option (e.g., 58-8813F x ETJ x 32D x 36" Door)