57 - Delayed Egress

The 57-80 Series delayed action exit device will sound a horn at the door to indicate an unauthorized exit and will delay exit for a period of 15 seconds, per NFPA 101 Ordered as 57 Prefix.


  • Depressing the push rail for two seconds or longer initiates an irreversible alarm until disarmed with key
  • Alarm rail sounds for fifteen seconds during an unauthorized egress. After fifteen seconds electromagnetic lock releases
  • Audible and visual indicators advise door lock status
  • 80dB horn enclosed in rail assembly
  • Size 41 mortise cylinder, located in mounting rail insert provides momentary or maintained egress with key
  • Momentary time delay adjustable from 0-30 seconds. Preset for five seconds at factory
  • Device works in conjunction with electromagnet (Ordered separately)
  • Emergency decal provided, “Emergency Exit Only. Push until alarm sounds. Door can be opened in 15 seconds.”
  • When unit is installed with building's fire alarm system, a relay in the delayed action circuit voids delayed action cycle, allowing for immediate egress
  • Conforms to NFPA 101, Special Locking Arrangements
  • UL Listed for Panic and Fire (12-)
  • Power requirements: 24VDC Regulated/Filtered Power Supply (3520/3540) Current draw: .25 amp with electromagnetic lock (1584)
  • Available for all 80 & P8 Devices, except LP, LR, LS8600 & FM8700 Devices
  • Door Widths: Wide Stile 36" to 48" and Narrow Stile 32" to 48"
  • Compatible with 12- & TL- Prefixes
  • Standard electric hinge - No special power transfer required
  • Provided with ElectroLynx™ 8 Pin Connector
  • ElectroLynx™ Hinge for 57- is a McKinney QC8
  • ElectroLynx™ Hinge for 57- & TL- is a McKinney QC12
  • Order as a 57- prefix (e.g., 57-8813 x ETJ x 32D x 36" Door)