690 Series

Made from rugged, extruded bronze, the 690 Series Heavy Duty Overhead Concealed Mount is designed to protect door and hardware from daily abuse found in commercial and institutional applications. With two types to choose from—"H” for holder, “S” for stop—the 690 Series is installed for a particular degree of hold-open or stop, ranging from 85 degrees to 110 degrees.


  • Concealed with arm and bracket mortised into door jamb
  • Meets ANSI A156.8 Grade One compliance
  • Simple “on-off” knob control on hold open models
Description BHMA
03 Bright Brass, Clear Coated Bright Brass, Clear Coated 605
04  Satin Brass, Clear Coated Satin Brass, Clear Coated 606
09   Bright Bronze, Clear Coated Bright Bronze, Clear Coated 611 
10  Satin Bronze, Clear Coated Satin Bronze, Clear Coated 612
10B   Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed 613
10BE  Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Equivalent Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Equivalent (613E)
10BL  Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze Clear Coated Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze Clear Coated  
14   Bright Nickel Plated Bright Nickel Plated 618
15   Satin Nickel Plated Clear Coated Satin Nickel Plated Clear Coated 619 
20D  Dark Statuary Bronze Lacquered Dark Statuary Bronze Lacquered  
26  Bright Chrome Plated Bright Chrome Plated 625 
26D  satin chrome plated Satin Chrome Plated 626
 BSP  Black Suede Powder Coat Black Suede Powder Coat 
WSP White Suede Powder Coat  
EAB finishes-eab Sprayed Brass Enamel 696
EB finishes-eb Sprayed Bronze Enamel to match 10B 690
ED finishes-ed Sprayed Bronze Enamel to match 20D 693
EN finishes-en Sprayed Aluminum Enamel 689
EP finishes-ep Sprayed Bronze Enamel to match 10 691


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