278 Series

The 278 Series is a concealed door closer with an exposed arm that is a rugged exit device in surface vertical rod and rim designs.  This series can be adjusted to meet ADA or other reduced opening force requirements.


  • Operates effectively in extreme heat and cold without readjustment
  • Adjustable to meet ADA conditions and/or reduced opening force requirements
  • Fusible hold open arms available for fire rated openings

Standard Application


O - Standard Arm


Narrow Reveal


H - Hold Open Arm



Hold Open Arms


278 - H - Holder Arm




Finish   Description BHMA
EAB finishes-eab
Sprayed Brass Enamel 696
EB finishes-eb
Sprayed Bronze Enamel to match 10B 690
ED finishes-ed
Sprayed Bronze Enamel to match 20D 693
EN  finishes-en Sprayed Aluminum Enamel 689
EP finishes-ep
Sprayed Bronze Enamel to match 10 691

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