758 and 858 Series

Constructed to the highest quality standards, the 758 and 858 padlocks are available with multiple keyways, allowing use into master keyed systems, and making them ideal for gating at larger facilities like schools and factories.

Finish   Description BHMA
04 finishes-04 Satin Brass, Clear Coated 606


Cylinder Options:

Cylinder Type



Conventional Cylinder Std

SARGENT Conventional Cylinders

Degree Key System                 DG1- SARGENT Degree Key System Level 1
DG1-21- Degree Level 1 Construction Master Keying
DG1-60- Degree Level 1 Removable Disposable Construction Core
DG1-63- Degree Level 1 Removable Core
DG1-64- Degree Level 1 Removable Construction Keyed LFIC
DG1-65- Degree Level 1 Unassembled/Uncombined Core
DG2- SARGENT Degree Keyed System Level 2
DG2-21- Degree Level 2 Construction Master Keying
DG2-60- Degree Level 2 Removable Disposable Construction Core
DG2-63- Degree Level 2 Removable Core
DG2-64- Degree Level 2 Removable Construction Keyed LFIC
DG2-65- Degree Level 2 Unassembled/Uncombined Core
DG3- SARGENT Degree Key System Level 3
DG3-21- Degree Level 3 Construction Master Keying
DG3-60- Degree Level 3 Removable Disposable Construction Core
DG3-63- Degree Level 3 Removable Core
DG3-64- Degree Level 3 Removable Construction Keyed LFIC
Signature Key System  10-

SARGENT Signature Key System (Not Available with other Key Systems)

10-21- SARGENT Signature Construction Key System (Lost Ball)
Signature: Large Format Interchangeable Core (Removable Core) 10-63- SARGENT Signature LFIC (Removable Core) Cylinder
XC- Key System 11-

XC Key System (Not Available with other Key Systems, Unless specified)

11-21- XC- Construction Key System (Lost Ball)
XC- Large Format Interchangeable Core + (Removable Core)   11-60- Hardware to accept XC- Permanent LFIC (Removable Core), Disposable plastic Core- provided
11-63- Hardware provided with XC- LFIC (Removable Core) Cylinder - (Includes masterkeying, grand masterkeying)
11-64- Hardware provided with Keyed construction core to accept XC-LFIC (Removable) Permanent Core (ordered Seperately)
Construction Key Systems  21-

SARGENT Lost Ball Construction Keying for Conventional, XC and Signature Series (N/A with 63-, 73-, 82-, SC-, & SE-) 


SARGENT Construction Split Key System for Conventional Cylinders (Existing Systems) (N/A with 10-, 11-, 63-, 73-, 82-, SC- & SE-)

Old Style Removable Core  51-

Removable Core Cylinder (Old Style) provided (Existing systems only)


Removable Construction Core (Old Style) Permanent core ordered seperately (existing systems only)

Large Format Interchangeable Core (Removable Core)   60-

Hardware to accept Permanent LFIC (Removable Core), Disposable plastic Core provided (Permanent Cores Ordered Seperately)


6 pin LFIC permanent core provided


Hardware supplied with Keyed LFIC construction core to accept Permanent LFIC Core (ordered Seperately)

Bump Resistant BR-

Bump Resistant Cylinder (Available with Conventional & Convetional XC Cylinders Only)

Schlage Keyways  SC-

Schlage C keyway cylinder, 0 bitted


Schlage E keyway cylinder, 0 bitted

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