4143 Series

The 4143 Utility & Cabinet Lock is designed for metal doors up to 7/8" thick and can be master keyed with most other SARGENT locks.


For Metal Doors Up to 7/8" thick
Cylinder Brass, 6 pin, can be master keyed with most other SARGENT locks
Cam Bronze
Keys Two 6 pin provided
Cylinder Options

21-SARGENT Construction key system (Lost Key)

22-SARGENT Cosntruction key (Split Key)

Easily Field Reversible 4143 Vertical in locked position
Finish   Description BHMA
03 Bright Brass, Clear Coated Bright Brass, Clear Coated 605
04 finishes-04 Satin Brass, Clear Coated 606
09 Bright Bronze, Clear Coated 611
10 finishes-10 Satin Bronze, Clear Coated  612
10B  finishes-10b Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed 613
10BE Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Equivalent Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Equivalent (613E)
10BL Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze Clear Coated  
15 Satin Nickel Plated Clear Coated Satin Nickel Plated Clear Coated 619
20D Dark Statuary Bronze Lacquered  
26 finishes-26 Bright Chrome Plated 625
26D finishes-26D Satin Chrome Plated 626
32 Bright Stainless Steel 629
32D Satin Stainless Steel 630



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