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Safe Egress You Can See, Hear & Trust
The combination of audible and visible alerts built into the exit device makes Beacon unique and effective. Connected to the building's alarm system, when activated Beacon emits a pulse of light and white noise followed by an audible message declaring “exit located here.” A laser light beamed from the exit device forms an arrow shape pointing directly to the illuminated touch bar – allowing occupants to locate the exit and get out quickly.

A Life-Safety Innovation

In your ongoing efforts to ensure safety in your buildings, count on Beacon as an important tool during emergency evacuations. Beacon makes the opening highly noticeable for all occupants, including those who are hearing- or sight-impaired.

Trust SARGENT to deliver the most innovative life-safety and security products on the market.
Synchronized Audible And Visible Alerts
Beacon connects to the building’s fire alarm system and when activated, begins a looping sequence of synchronized signals. First, the exit device emits pulsing light from two high intensity LEDs and white noise simultaneously. The white noise—a blend of various sound frequencies—allows occupants to focus on the next phase of alerts: Beacon’s emergency message.

Verbal exit instructions, indicating exit location, are given in one or multiple languages.

In the final phase of the sequence, a highly visible green laser light cone combined with flashing LEDs draws people directly to the exit. fire-alarm systems

  • Incorporates flashing LEDs for increased visibility
  • Emits green laser light cone to draw occupants to the exit
  • Broadcasts white noise to cut through background noise and audibly guide occupants toward the door, especially effective in complete darkness
  • Transmits audible “exit located here” messages in English, Spanish, French or other language to meet customer’s needs

Ideally suited for

  • Entertainment Venues
  • Conference Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Sports Venues
  • Healthcare Facilities

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