• Microprocessor based alarm board
  • When armed, alarm sounds immediately upon rail depression
  • Free entry allowed based on outside trim being used
  • All exit devices have tamper resistant latching (Guarded Latch)
  • Battery powered – 9VDC
  • Dogging standard on non fire-rated
  • 546 wiring harness option provides remote alarm reset, external inhibit, remote power and remote monitor
  • 103 Db @ 8 Ft pulsating horn
  • Flashing red LED provides visible violation indication, reset by key only
  • Low battery alert
  • Field selectable continuous alarm option- 3267 Power Supply and 546 Harness recommended
  • Automatic re-arming option (field changeable). Switch returns to “on” position after removal of key
  • UL Listed
  • UL Listed to Canadian Safety Standards
  • Optional AL93- Prefix - Continuous alarm when violated
  • Available with all 80 & P8 Devices, except LP, LR, LS8600, FM8700, WS & HC8800 Devices
  • Door Widths: Wide Stile 36" to 48" & Narrow Stile 32" to 48"
  • Compatible with 12-, 53-, 58- & TL- Prefixes
  • Rail Monitoring & Guarded Latch are standard internal features
  • Order as an AL- prefix (e.g., AL-8916 x ETJ x 32D x 36" Door)

Ideally suited for

  • Alarmed exterior doors
  • Doors leading to a rooftop
  • Limited use Corridors
  • Stairwell Doors

 Schools  Healthcare  Commercial 

Note: See 80 Series catalog for function/trim options

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