Documents for Accessories   

The templates available on this site are intended for use by door manufacturers ONLY. Field templates ship with the product or are available by request from SARGENT®. If you need replacement field prep templates, please call 800-727-5477.

Catalogs and instruction sheets for access control products such as Harmony, Passport and Profile Series are available to ASSA ABLOY Authorized Channel Partners and Certified Integrators only. If you are and ACP or CI, you can access these documents at



Installation Instructions for 4153 & 4253 Switch Locks  A5738  
Installation Instructions for 4291 & 4292 Series Microprocessor Controlled Keypads  A6851 2/15/2011 
Installation Instructions for 4299 Wall Switch  A6946 12/21/2011 
Installation Instructions for 4370 Series Cylinder Key Switches  A6812  
Installation Instructions for 4380 Series Horn  A7040B  
Installation, Wiring & Programming for 4301 Magnetic Card Reader  A7365  
Instruction Sheet for Drilling the Door Position Switch Holes in the Frame  A7983 10/22/2013 
Instructions for #3285 Surface Door/#3287 Concealed Door Status Switch  A7448 3/17/2014 


4399 Exit Button (Push Plates) Installation & Operating Instructions  A7864  
Installation Instructions for 4291 & 4292 Series Microprocessor Controlled Keypads  5/1/2009 

Discontinued Products

4341 Exit Button Installation & Operating Instructions  A7865 3/25/2008 
4390 Series Wall Switches (Press Plates) Installation Instructions  A7863 1/30/2008 
4397HP Jamb Switch Box Installation Instructions  A7866 11/5/2007