Documents for Specialty Locks   

The templates available on this site are intended for use by door manufacturers ONLY. Field templates ship with the product or are available by request from SARGENT®. If you need replacement field prep templates, please call 800-727-5477.

Catalogs and instruction sheets for access control products such as Harmony, Passport and Profile Series are available to ASSA ABLOY Authorized Channel Partners and Certified Integrators only. If you are and ACP or CI, you can access these documents at



130KALP Parts List  PARTS LIST 82.ALP5 5/1/2010 
184KALP Parts List  PARTS LIST 82.ALP6 5/1/2010 
185CALP and 185PALP Parts List  PARTS LIST 82.ALP3 5/1/2010 
186CALP and 186PALP Parts Lists  PARTS LIST 82.ALP4 5/1/2010 
8200 with ALP Lockbody Reference Chart  PARTS LIST 82.ALP2 5/1/2010 
8200 with ALP Push/Pull Cover/Paddle.Chassis  PARTS LIST 82.ALP1 5/1/2010 
8200 with ALP with Push/Pull Markers  PARTS LIST 82.ALP7 12/1/2010 
HP Bored Lock with ALP Paddle Trim  HP_ALP1 41416 4/14/2016